Famous Painting Stickers


  • Go back to the Renaissance:
    Collect the most popular paintings and sculptures of all time in your room with these stickers and go back to the Renaissance and touch the face of Mona Lisa.
  • Made of durable material:
    These stickers are made of durable vinyl! Vinyl is a special type of material that is more durable and recyclable and also resists radiation, sunlight and water.
  • Sticks to anywhere:
    These stickers are made of vinyl, so you can use them for a variety of everyday items such as laptops, computer cases, phone cases, water bottles, bags and skateboards and even your room wall, and you can also use a sticker several times without worrying about losing its adhesive quality.
  • Includes 50 stickers:
    This package includes 50 pcs stickers with designs of famous painting! Each sticker is about 4 to 8 cm.


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